Moyin Oloruntoba: How I Found My First 10k Followers On My African Entertainment YouTube Channel

One immediately notices Nigerian-born, Cape Town-bred YouTube star Moyin Oloruntoba as she walks in the room. Moyin is tall, svelte, elegant and confident. And boy, does she rock those killer high heels! Heavy Chef welcomed Moyin on stage in Cape Town on April 17 2018 as part of the Online Video Revolution event. Moyin shared the story of how she ended up launching her entertainment YouTube channel "The A1" - and finding her first 10,000 followers - and why she's enthusiastic about the rapidly evolving media landscape in Africa. To anyone thinking of embarking on a YouTube journey, Moyin had the following encouraging words to say: "If you're ever thinking of running a YouTube channel, my only advice is: just do it."

Watch her whole presentation below. We bet ya you'll be vlogging tomorrow!

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