What It Takes To Be A YouTube Celebrity

My meeting with Sir Dennis went something like this: “it’s Dennis Ngango hay?” (in a supremely British accent), to which Dennis responded (in a pull-yourself-towards-yourself-Caley tone), “gung-go”. Damn. Of course “Ngango” is pronounced “gung-go” - my bad. 

When I watched the Raw footage we’d shot with Dennis I had to laugh. I’m the furthest from a conventional Caucasian female and even I fell into the trap of the all-too-British accent when pronouncing African names. Thanks Dennis! 

Dennis is a 22-year-old industrial engineer by day. Industrial Engineers are the cool ones, don’t get it wrong. He’s also a  Vlogger by any-spare-time-he-has (you thought I would say 'night', I know). 

Dennis is not just any Vlogger. In 2017, Dennis won the Social Star ZA competition, headed up by Jo-anne Strauss (the famous Jo-anne Strauss), in collaboration with Samsung South Africa. That means he was chosen from thousands of digital entrants to partake in a Vlog-a-thon on the Island of Mauritius, where both the judges and the RSA public had a say in who won the competition. Dennis’s tribe sure did speak, because his personality and message, summarised by his channel Defining Dennis, bubbled to the surface over 1000s of other hopefuls in RSA. 

Want to see why? Just watch our 3-minute Raw Interview with the man in the video above. 

Defining Dennis is aimed at igniting young people’s passions - how awesome? Dennis wants his audience to internalize that they too CAN achieve great things - and he drills this message home via relatable interviews with inspirational people in RSA, relatable being the key word here. It’s motivational content delivered by an extremely likeable human being - who happens to interview local superstars. And Dennis is not in it for the short run either. He’s creating the building blocks for a long-term career in digital media - and because he is in charge, he remains true to his vision, step by step. 

Personally, I believe Dennis possesses the Raw material to be a GREAT presenter. He’s intelligent (extremely), likeable, cocky, energetic and most importantly, he’s unapologetically himself. The older I get (I'm almost 29), the more I value people who shy away from the copy-paste mentality and own their narrative, whole-heartedly. 

Refreshing that he’s not your conventional, suited up, gym-going male presenter? Oh yes, for sure - here’s to holding thumbs that the Dennis and Caleys of the world can begin to create a new wave of presenters in RSA.

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