How To Double Sales Conversions From Your Newsletters

You’ve been sending amazing content to your newsletter subscribers for weeks and it’s time to hit them with the sales pitch of your product or service. You craft the perfectly written newsletter with only one call-to-action and hit send and a few sales trickle in. You’ve hit the jackpot! Or so you thought. How about I tell you the one thing that is going to help you double those sales? It’s sitting right in your newsletter stats that you’ve without a doubt seen, but never knew what it meant.

Recipient activity, sorted by opens 

What I need you to do is go to your latest newsletter and open up stats on who opened your email. Now sort that list by number of opens, highest to lowest.


Taking a look at this example above. Who is Marisa and what is she doing opening up my newsletter 42 times?! Must be a bug in the software or she just really really loves you. 

No, what Marissa has done is forwarded your email on to her colleagues because there is something interesting she wants to share with them - and with 42 opens, without a doubt there has been some back and forth conversation that has happened on your email. How we wish we could find out what they were saying!

The golden “opened-more-than-5 times” rule

So how does this information help? It helps because of what you are going to do next. Either call or personally email everyone on this list that opened your email more than 5 times and chat to them about your email! 

These people have all forwarded your email on because either they or their colleagues or friends are interested! Pick up the phone or send a personal email and chat to them to find out what the story is!

At Firing Squad, we use this exact tactic and in one of our very first newsletters where we told everyone how we’re pivoting from a web design and development agency to a specialist email marketing agency, and it landed us R420 000 in business!

Not all sales and conversations are going to happen directly through your call to action button in your newsletter. Sometimes you have to pick up the phone or send a personal email to close a deal and this tip with definitely help you 2x your sales. 

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