A Glimpse At The First Half Of 2018: Sjoe!

In closing the first half of 2018, we put together a photo report highlighting the learning experiences the Heavy Chef team has cooked up over the last six months.


No intention of bragging here but we are closing an exceptional first half of the year: we’ve met so many avid learners at our events and workshops, we’ve hosted some of the best and most inspirational speakers in the country, we published our first guidebook and we started closing gaps by bringing our events to one of South Africa’s largest township.


Scroll down to see what these past months have been like at the Heavy Chef headquarters.

We started the year by looking into the future. Not with a crystal ball, you silly, but by hosting Craig Wing who gave a glimpse into how robots were evolving, how crypto is set to dazzle us even further and taught us the acronym VUCA. Say what? We had the privilege of watching Craig’s charged, electric style both in Cape Town and Joburg at sold-out events and masterclasses.  


We continued looking into the future in February with events and workshops led by Simon Dingle who is one of the most vocal commentators on cryptocurrency in the country. Simon gave his expert views on how to make sense of all the hype surrounding Bitcoin, its wild price ride and opposing predictions about its future. We listened in awe and left dizzy headed. Well at least I did. But I'm convinced I wasn't the only one.  


In March we had the privilege to present the results of a South African comprehensive analysis on social influence. The study - carried out in the social media communities of over 40 brands by social intelligence platform Continuon - was presented in Johannesburg by Arthur Goldstuck, world renowned digital analyst and Keenan Harduth, 2015’s Social Media Marketer Of The Year. In Cape Town Dave Duarte returned to the Heavy Chef stage to present his latest findings on influencer marketing and was joined by Heleen Mills who shared her experience in project managing #Run4Water, one of the most extraordinary influencer campaigns that has been seen out of South Africa. 

IMG-20180315_8_For Report.jpg

When April rolled around we rolled up our sleeves and got serious about YouTubing. Inspired by the VERY energetic Danilo Acquisto whom we hosted at events and masterclasses in both cities, Heavy Chef got serious about its own YouTube endeavours. We launched our Raw channel with our multi-talented anchor Caley van Der Kolk who immerses herself week after week in the world of doers, picking their brain and bringing her own unique style to these short videos. By the way, we’re always looking out for game changers, disruptive businesses to draw inspiration from. Know someone who we could feature on our channel? Drop us a line here.

Heavy Chef April 17 Event_4.jpg

Speaking of disruptive businesses, in May we welcomed the co-founder and MD of explosive social entrepreneur venture, WeThinkCode_ who are leading a coding revolution and changing single-handedly the way we think about education. Arlene Mulder got us all hyped and hopeful of what’s possible in this country. We cannot wait to have her back!


Buy this time of the year, things were sizzling in our kitchen! Caley, Fred, Siya and yours truly, we were all crazy busy with expanding the Heavy Chef menu with our winter specials. You see what I just did there? It all started with Fred’s book launch end of May. What? You haven’t heard he wrote a book? When everyone is talking about it here and here and here. It's entitled The Heavy Chef Guide of Starting A Business In South Africa and we’re reprinting it, folks! Drop us a line here to order your copy.

Heavy Chef Book Launch_4.jpg

In the beginning of June we took a big leap and took our event to one of South Africa’s largest township. Bringing DJ Sbu to the Bandwidth Barn in Khayelitsha was one of the most uplifting experiences for our team. We still get goosebumps from it. Check it out here why. The feedback was overwhelming so we're already working on the next event. It's coming up soon! On July 21st, in fact. Keep your eyes on Fred’s newsletters!  


And if you thought we were not busy enough, well, we’ve also gotten serious about hosting workshops as requests for these learning experiences kept creeping into our inboxes. June saw a sold-out newsletter workshop (we’re bringing this to Jozi soon and putting up one more date in Cape Town) and another successful workshop on winning your game at Instagram (this one is also coming to Joburg at the end of August). 


Phew, that's already a lot, you say, but I ain't finished yet!

Siya joined our team in March and we’re super stoked to have this multi-talented individual working with us. 


We also got a brand new stage in June from the amazing people at CueVo. Check this out! Posh, you say? Look how good it makes Fred look! 

book launch jhb.jpg

We introduced the stage in Jozi and while our capetonian audience has not seen it yet, we promise we'll have it at our next event on July 16th. Along with Fred.

book launch jhb_2.jpg

We continue learning from our mistakes, doing and sharing what we know. That’s our motto, remember? Learn. Do. Share. Thanks to the indispensable support of our sponsors who make all this possible. And a big shoutout to our amazing audiences, to our community, those who read Fred’s newsletters, watch Caley's videos, give us feedback and show us some love on socials. You are what makes this community one of a kind, thanks for your support! Keep on keeping on! 

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