Shaun Tomson: The Surfer's Code

Shaun Tomson is one of the world's most iconic surfing legends. A world champion back in the 80s, Surfing Magazine calls him one of the most innovative surfers of all time. Shaun quickly adapted his worldwide fame into an entrepreneurial venture when he was 22 years old, called "Instinct", which became the number 1 brand in South Africa. He sold that brand and moved to California to work with the legendary leader of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard. Shaun then started the iconic surf company, Solitude, which again became a hugely successful brand. While Shaun was achieving all this sporting and entrepreneurial success, he formulated a framework for life, twelve steps in life that he called "The Surfer's Code". This framework changed Shaun's life, forever. 

Shaun spoke on the Heavy Chef stage, hosted in June 2018 by the amazing team at Bandwidth Barn, Lookout Hill, in Khayelitsha. Shaun addressed an audience who, largely, were not familiar with Shaun's exploits. However, the young entrepreneurs in Khayelitsha were blown away by Shaun's universal message, teaching them the power of "I WILL" and how they too can achieve greatness.