Heavy Chef Partners With Taxify To Bring You An Even More Spectacular Event Experience

Heavy Chef is all about challenging the status quo. We’re a learning experience company that’s providing education through pop-up events. We don’t subscribe to the norm. Our tone is very far from formal. Our team is a disheveled crew of complete misfits, geeks, nerds and miscreants.

I suppose you could call us a challenger brand.

With that in mind, it’s probably no surprise that we are partnering with another crew of challengers - the exciting company that is Taxify


In the face of monstrous competition, Taxify is steadily, but surely, eating up market share on the African continent. 

When Taxify first approached Heavy Chef, I wasn't familiar with the brand. 

After doing some research, I realised quickly that this was no ordinary company. Taxify was started in the small, tech-heavy country that is Estonia.

Not heard of it? 

Google it. 

Estonia is an extraordinary country. The population is only around two million people, yet it’s home to Skype, Transferwise and a host of other tech unicorns. If that doesn’t sound special, consider that Africa, with two billion people, doesn’t have any

Side note: C’mon y’all. We need to sort that shizz out.

Anyways, I chatted to Gareth, the country manager of Taxify, and we hit it off immediately. The problem we needed to solve at Heavy Chef is that you guys need to get through Joburg and Cape Town (and soon Durban) traffic to get to us. That’s not always easy. And finding parking? Forgedaboutit. 

Enter the Taxify and Heavy Chef partnership. Starting from next week, all Heavy Chef event goers can download the Taxify App (click here to download) and collect a R150 voucher off their first ride when using promo code HC2018 (Check out the instructions here to make sure you don’t miss out!). After that, whenever you attend an event, you get R80 off. 

Seriously. How cool? 

This means you can arrive at any of our events in complete style, step out the back seat like a total gangster, enjoy some sumptuous Backsberg wine (for only the best networkers, y’know?) and then gloriously hail a Taxify ride back home. 

Gareth was like: “You guys want to inspire and empower entrepreneurs. At Taxify, we want to inspire and empower entrepreneurs. Together, let’s make loads of entrepreneur babies.” 

I was like: “Hellz to the yes.” 

Subsequent to our first meeting with the Taxify team, I’m now seeing the Taxify brand everywhere. There are over 10,000 drivers in South Africa already - and climbing. Most e-hailing drivers operate using the Taxify app as well as their competitors’. The app is familiar and easy-to-use. It’s cheaper than its competitors. And the Taxify brand, in general, brings a light, fresh, positive energy to this community. 

And we love that it’s a challenger brand. 

Like us. 

Download the Taxify app (click here), and use the app at the next Heavy Chef event (book here).  

We'll explain more about how to use the app in follow up communications. See y'all soon.