Happy Women's Day! We Look Back At Five Extraordinary Women Heavy Chef Speakers

Heavy Chef has a long history of celebrating women entrepreneurs. Starting with our first ever speaker waaaay back in 2007, disruptive musician Verity spoke about crowdfunding her album prior to being produced, even before 'crowdfunding' even became a thing - and culminating in this month's lineup of stellar female superstars, Annette Muller, Dr. Eve and Heidi Patmore. Today, on this auspicious day, we cast our eye back to five of our favourite talks by women on the Heavy Chef stage. 

Heleen Mills: How A Social Influencer Campaign Reached 1 Billion People

We didn't really know what to expect from Heleen. A first-time speaker, sharing the evening's agenda with two seasoned pros, we figured it could go either way. The HC team was concerned that Heleen might be a little out of her depth in front of a packed audience of around 250 people in Cape Town. Instead, Heleen strode onto the stage and blew everyone away with one of the most entertaining, inspiring talks we've seen at Heavy Chef. Bubbly, effusive and remarkably confident, Heleen spoke of her journey with Mina Guli, the world-famous water-activist who is trying to raise global awareness around the impending water crisis our humble planet is facing.

Arlene Mulder: My African Coding Training Company Is Disrupting An Outdated Education System

Arlene is that rare breed of entrepreneur. Highly technical (she codes in her spare time), but also extremely adept at communicating, marketing, sales and generating PR. Arlene spoke in 2018 about the extraordinary success she has achieved with her startup We Think Code_, ushering in a new business model to the SA education system with a very compelling Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Check out Arlene's seminal talk here. 

Aisha Pandor: Sweepsouth, The Startup That's Transforming The Informal Employment Sector In Africa

In this riveting talk, Aisha shared what it was like working with family, selling everything and following her dreams. Aisha, who founded SweepSouth with developer husband Alen Ribic, gave our community a taste of what it is like to live and work with your business partner, getting funding, fixing a fast-expanding service and introducing improvements for customers and their 'SweepStars'. Aisha also touched on their experience working in Silicon Valley, along with its associated challenges. 

Emma Sadleir: Don't Film Yourself Having Sex

Emma was one of our most incendiary speakers. Emma is both a lawyer and television celebrity. Back in 2015, fresh off her success as an outspoken legal commentator of the Oscar Pistorius trial, Emma wrote the book "Don't Film Yourself Having Sex". This is still sage advice today, and we posted some of the Q&A snippets of that talk here. 

Dr. Adriana Marais: My Quest To Be The First Woman On Mars

We cannot lie. Adriana freaked us out a little bit. She's hellz smart, adventurous and perfectly looks the part of a explorative space missionary. With her fresh face, sparkly eyes and surfer dreads, Adriana epitomises nerd-cool. But, seriously? Mars? It's a one way ticket, and she's fine with that. In her talk, mid 2016, Dr. Adriana Marais gave us a glimpse of why she's set to be one of the most famous women on the planet (or the universe?) Check out part one of Adriana's talk below. Part 2 can be found here

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