South African Celebrity Radio Show Host Masechaba Ndlovu Comes To Khayelitsha To Teach Personal Brand Building

Masechaba Ndlovu is a pan-African celebrity, radio show host, DJ, MC and entrepreneur. Masechaba will be speaking on the Heavy Chef stage at the Bandwidth Barn venue, in Lookout Hill, Khayelitsha, on the 8th September. 

Born as the child of military veterans in Zambia, Masechaba Ndlovu was named after her paternal grandmother, Masechaba Lekalake. Masechaba means "Mother of the nation". 

A cursory search through Masechaba’s lexicon of work reveals a compelling mix of brash intellect and brazen beauty. Masechaba is a true icon of the new media celebrity set. Young, ambitious and smart, she is not shy to tackle challenging topics.

In a relatively short space of time, Masechaba has carved a unique personal brand for herself. She is a radio show host on one of South Africa’s largest stations. She is an MC, presenter, facilitator and entrepreneur. 

Masechaba is a true pan-African personality. 

We asked Masechaba: "What attracted you to the limelight?"

Now, on September 8th 2018, Masechaba comes to the ground-breaking Bandwidth Barn venue in Lookout HIll, in the centre of South Africa’s second largest township, Khayelitsha. Masechaba aims to teach a new generation of ambitious, starry-eyed entrepreneurs to build their own personal brand and to rise above the noise of the digital era. 


Project Director for Heavy Chef, Siyabonga Mbaba Wilson says: “We’re incredibly excited about Masechaba coming to eKasi. She is a huge talent, and I’ve followed her story for some time. Somehow, she has manage to rise above the games that the media plays and has built a powerful persona for herself. Our community is eager to learn some of the tricks of her trade, as projecting a personality is very important for entrepreneurs in this day and age.” 

Masechaba comes from a family of healers. Her purpose is embedded in her name. Masechaba does not consider herself as a ‘cover girl’, but rather as a news maker and a game changer. Masechaba’s work is her calling and she only says yes to opportunities that bring meaning to the lives of others. 

Heavy Chef is a platform for entrepreneurs. The management team invited Masechaba to address the audience in Khayelitsha as part of its programme to bridge the inquality gap, and provide world-class learning opportunities to the local entrepreneurs in its community. 

Siyabonga continues: “ I’ve read that Masechaba’s calling is to make changes. We believe in the change that these events are making in our neighbourhood. We have some of the best talent in the country, right here in these streets. We need to keep providing our members with world class performers like Masechaba in order to make positive changes and create opportunities.” 

When Masechaba is not on Radio or TV, Masechaba lectures classes on radio and TV presentation and interview skills through her company, Masechaba Media. As a globally certified life-coach, Masechaba brings a life-skills approach to her media training classes. 

In her own words, “I’m passionate about the development of young people and moving Africa forward.”

The event on Saturday will include pitches from local entrepreneurs as well as a drinks courtesy of Sir Fruit. uKhamva Beer and Backsberg Wines, and snacks courtesy of Joe&Co and 4 Roomed Ekasi Culture. The event is partnered by Xero, Yoco, Payfast, Whipping The Cat, Now Boarding, Taxify, CueAV and Vida. The venue is kindly provided by CiTi. 

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