The Healthy Business Podcast #10: Emma Sadleir, Protecting Your Brand In The Social Media Age

Heavy Chef CEO Fred Roed is the show host for Discovery’s The Healthy Business Show which is recorded at Cliff Central Studios in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa. Each week, Fred chats to some of the most exciting entrepreneurs, business personalities and leaders on the African continent and the world. Fred aims to uncover what it takes to create a truly healthy business in the digital economy.

The Healthy Business Podcast #10: Emma Sadleir, South Africa’s top social media lawyer.

Don’t lose your livelihood over a tweet! This week Fred Roed gets to hear about the many risks of social media as he chats to Emma Sadleir, Africa’s leading social media law expert. They keep the conversation real and Fred even exposes what he terms the “underbelly” of social media. Emma underlines the need for education and business policies that employees understand. Because one thing to stress, says Emma, is there is no such thing as “I post in my personal capacity”. Get all the facts you need from this candid talk, filled with trends among teenagers and real-life examples to protect the reputation of your business in a digital world.

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