The Healthy Business Podcast #14: Riaad Moosa, Follow Your Passion

Heavy Chef CEO Fred Roed is the show host for Discovery’s “The Healthy Business Show”, which is recorded at Cliff Central Studios in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa. Each week, Fred chats to some of the most exciting entrepreneurs, business personalities and leaders on the African continent and the world. Fred aims to uncover what it takes to create a truly healthy business in the digital economy.

The Healthy Business Podcast #14: Riaad Moosa, Follow Your Passion

South African comedian, Riaad Moosa, talks to Fred Roed about leaving a career in medicine for his instinctual drive to pursue stand-up comedy. Riaad shares some laughs with Fred as he talks about how that instinct has now developed into a focused career with the goal of combining both his passions in a powerful way. Riaad shares his approach to his work, to social media and talks about his movie, Material. His latest experience with Netflix also brought about valuable lessons about connecting with people, becoming better at what you do, and scaling your personal brand.

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