#FutureFit Leaders

Over time we’ve come across various types of leaders and leadership styles within the human community. Most of the famous people we still talk about long after their deaths all had something in common. They were leaders in some respect. A simple definition of a leader is someone who leads or commands a group, organisation, or country. I once lead a group of toddlers to sleep, so yes you could consider me a leader.


It’s the what, when, how and why behind your actions as a leader, that determine the type of leader you are. With changing times and situations, our leaders need to be on top of their game or else they lose their most valuable asset, their followers. 

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy

Now let’s talk about leaders of the future. Our Future Fit Masterclass expert, Mike Perk, has 10 characteristics that he believes the leaders that will stand the test of time should have. This leadership recipe is one for the books!

  1. They create a clear picture of potential that lights the way for the entire organisation.

  2. They lead with optimism and unwavering core values that their people are fully aligned with.

  3. They understand the importance of internal communication and realise that this is just as important as external marketing communication.

  4. They walk the talk, they are the ‘heavy chefs’ for whom change is not just rhetoric but backed by action and resources.

  5. They change legacy structures to encourage innovation.

  6. They embrace failure but don’t celebrate failure. Instead, failure is used to support innovation.

  7. They build a learning culture at the "Heart" of their business by increasing Humility (personal growth) and Love (the growth of others).

  8. They understand that it's not always about ‘collaboration’ but that ‘trust’ is the base from which successful teams, excellence, and remarkable performance are built.

  9. As AI becomes more effective, they know that they will need to become data analyst humanitarians, bringing humanity to the data-driven options they will be presented with.

  10. Values, rather than trends drive the technology decisions these leaders make.

Future Fit leaders have a clear pattern and distinctly demonstrate themselves to being fit for the future. They have a greater awareness of both themselves and their team, which they use to create a positive and resonating vision of the future. These digitally fit leaders confidently communicate in both words and action, and drive innovation by creating learning organisations that enable better digital decision making. These decisions are based on values.
— Mike Perk