Richard Poplak: How Daily Maverick's 'Insider' Community Became A Disruptive Business Strategy

In September 2019, Heavy Chef and Discovery hosted the latest in a series of Inspire sessions. On 17th September, the theme was media disruption with three world-class speakers, Gareth Cliff (CliffCentral), Elizabeth-Lee Ming (Facebook) and Richard Poplak chiming in on their respective sectors.

Agent provocateur-in-chief at South Africa's fastest growing and most impactive media publication, Daily Maverick, Richard Poplak was the third presenter. Richard came out swinging, with a gentle jab at Facebook's Ming and then a fierce right hook to the EFF (he asked any EFF supporters in the audience to leave the building). In this talk, Poplak gave a concise overview of Daily Maverick's harrowing journey over the past 10 years, and then explained the new way of doing news media right. Instead of relying on advertising (the old way), Daily Maverick must forge a new, disruptive path.

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