Applications For Future Females Business School Now Open

After the successful 2018 launch of The Future Females Business School, Future Females has officially confirmed that applications for 2019 are now open. The initiative, which exists to empower female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, has shown immense growth since its conception in August 2017, currently boasting a presence in 16 locations world-wide, and having run 600 events to an engaged community of over 12,000 members.

The Future Females Business School is a virtual incubator commencing March 6th, that will offer limited spaces to female entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next big step and build their profitable dream businesses. With over 120 applications in the first 24 hours of applications opening, Future Females is anticipating yet another successful cohort.

Nearly 80% of respondents said they do not feel they have the support in terms of education, mentorship or funding.

The Business School was born out of a need discovered through the 2018 Future Females survey of over 20,000 female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, conducted in partnership with Startup Grind.

Nearly 80% of respondents said they do not feel they have the support (in terms of education, mentorship or funding) they need to start or grow their businesses with confidence. The Future Females Business School aims to solve the above issues and guide the members into creating profitable business with strong business foundations, and helping them achieve their desired lifestyles. Although the program does not provide funding (which also came through as a key challenge in the survey for nearly 30% of respondents), it aims to give entrepreneurs the mindset and all the essential skills to build a fundable business.

The last cohort saw 44 female entrepreneurs from 11 countries progress through the Future Females Business,, 55% were yet to launch - either in the idea stage (42%) or just about to launch their venture (14%). The remaining 40% were already in business - some for less than a year (15%) and other having been in business for more than a year (30%) and seeking knowledge on how to scale. The success for these 44 entrepreneurs has been rapid and astounding. The feedback on the 2018 program has been positive, with students highlighting the holistic syllabus, highly practical content and weekly coaching sessions as key standouts.

“Future Females Business School helped me to understand me and my business more - to identify my core values and help me to develop motivation.” Ashleigh Lloyd, Founder of Ashlee Lloyd Design Studio

“Even though I graduated in Business at university, having a one-person startup in this day and age is a very different beast, and requires solid knowledge in many different areas. This program gave me the confidence to do things I’d never done before, such as branding, website, Facebook ads, email campaigns.” Caroline Breure, Founder of No Saints

“I really feel like all the prizes I could have won in my life rolled into this one, that is how valuable it was. Future Females Business school not only helped me nurture and grow my current business but it gave me the confidence to start another.” Karen Carr, Founder of Benji + Moon

“ Future Females Business School is the best investment we’ve made as an early stage startup and has truly been an essential part in shaping our business.” Tania Naess, Co-founder of CAIA

What is The Future Females Business School?

The Future Females Business School is a 3 month virtual incubator, made up of 12 content modules that cover all the components of growing your own business. Whether you are looking to learn about acquisition, customer conversion or automation, the Future Females incubator will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do it. At the end of the program, members will walk away with all the essential knowledge they need to grow their profitable dream business.

“Success for us is seeing our members come out of the program with a proven and profitable business”, says Future Females & The Growth Academy co-founder Lauren Dallas, “and we see the coaching, mentoring and peer-to-peer support structures that make up the program as a key differentiator.”

The Future Females Business School is powered by The Growth Academy, a virtual incubator that supports entrepreneurs to start and grow profitable businesses online. The Growth Academy was listed as one of Fast Company’s most Innovative Businesses in 2017, and has had over 500 entrepreneurs successfully graduate from the Start, Grow & Automate Business Programs in 2018.

How to join the Future Females Business School?

Applications are open until March 1st, with limited spots available for the second cohort of the program.