How Facebook Can Boost Your Business: What I Learned On The 'Facebook For Business' Series

After having attended the recent Heavy Chef “Facebook For Business” series of learning experiences, I felt compelled to write an article about some of the most salient points I learned along the journey.

The first ‘Facebook For Business’ event at Workshop17 in Johannesburg. You can watch videos of the event presentations on Heavy Chef ( click here )

The first ‘Facebook For Business’ event at Workshop17 in Johannesburg. You can watch videos of the event presentations on Heavy Chef (click here)

I think it’s safe to say that we are living in a world that is now more connected than it has ever been. The chances of a teenager in Peru making friends with a South African peer over Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp 16 years ago are almost non-existent. Today we have over 2,5 billion people using one of these apps, with majority using them on a daily basis. Facebook, the biggest social giant, has become the most powerful tool in this day and age. It has been used to form mutual bonds and connect thousands of people to each other, so why not use it to connect people to your business? Well let me suggest why I recommend its use.

  1. Firstly, Facebook allows you to showcase your products and services so that anyone that lands on your page/s knows exactly what you’re providing. With constant interaction with your customer, you will become part of their lives and they’ll keep checking on your page, which is a fundamental requirement for building brand loyalty.

  2. Many can attest to a relationship being a two-way street, but in business you are probably going to dealing with more than one person. To avoid having customers or clients that feel neglected or cheated on, why not build a community on Facebook? Let your clients review your products, while engaging with you, one another and potential customers.

  3. For small businesses that seek rapid growth from the get-go, Facebook has created the comprehensive tools, that can be used strategically to achieve quantified objectives with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction, assisting in the formation of a lean-business. Facebook has a low-cost marketing strategy which allows you to advertise your company to specific audiences, limiting waste of resources, while optimising results. Missing targets will be less of an occurrence with these marketing snipers.

  4. As an added bonus Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp. Therefore allowing you to use more than one channel to access the consumer. With the apps being compatible, you can send one post that gets published on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, saving you time.

These are a few of many benefits that you can leverage with the use of Facebook in your business.

Customer-centricity is a quality new successful businesses are displaying in their approach.

The use of social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will help your business achieve this faster, as it bridges the gap between you and your customer.

If you’re interested in attending any upcoming Social Media For Business learning experiences, I’d suggest you join the mailing list for future invitations. There are some unbelievable speakers and facilitators lined up for later in the year.