The Future Entrepreneurs: Student Startup Event In Cape Town, 2 May 2019

Heavy Chef brings you the Student Startup event in the beginning of May in Cape Town (and in September in Joburg). We sat down with four highly motivated students who share some insight on their businesses.

Based on these conversations, I came to this conclusion: students make good entrepreneurs because they come in without any notion of what’s impossible. Their eagerness allows them to think out of the box and to approach problems from new and innovative ways. Although starting a business is never easy, students make good entrepreneurs because they tend to have a lot of passion and are energetic. However, they may also lack the capital required to start a business.

Four Lessons Learned

Here are some of the most salient points that were gleaned from all our interviews with our student startup founders.

1. Low risk, high reward

You don’t own anything, you have few commitments relative to later in life and you’re hopefully not in debt in any way.

2. Campus resources are at your disposal

Universities have access to the fastest internet connections, free consulting from professors who often love getting involved in student run startups, meeting rooms, and many other resources you would pay for outside the campus. 

3. A good way to prepare for the future

Starting a business shows that you’re proactive, creative and driven - just the type of employee successful companies are looking for. 

4. Your fellow students are potential customers

Students are a valuable resource for testing out your ideas. If you can get students to pay for something it’s a good sign your product or service is viable.

Watch the individual interviews below:


Book your seats below. NOTE: If you are a student, use the code STUDENTCHEF in the promo field and you pay only R50!