Understanding Innovation And The Ethics Of New Leadership

A few months ago, Heavy Chef welcomed Dion Chang as one of our speakers. Dion is South Africa’s most respected trend analysts and founder of Flux Trends, a strategic thinker and keynote speaker. He spoke about understanding innovation and the ethics of new leadership in the corporate world.

Philosophers have been discussing ethical leadership for quite some time, but the topic is relatively new. Let's walk through a few steps you can take to define ethical standards, and to start putting those high standards into practice.

Why we need ethical leaders

  • Ethical Leadership sets the standards for employees in any business. Companies would benefit hugely from providing their staff with ethical leadership coaching.

  • Ethical leadership is based on doing what is right as opposed to only doing what is legal.

  • Ethical Leadership assists leaders to learn to build a compelling narrative of intent and purpose, and make better decisions in complex environments .

  • Ethical Leadership allows more room for innovation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion in businesses.

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