Podcast: Don Packett Reveals The Formula To Presenting Like A Leader

We’re working on a motherfreaking podcast! Yeah, okay, so we know that everyone and their cats, dogs and llamas are also working on podcasts, but ours is going to be flippen awesome. As with everything Heavy Chef related, we’re doing, learning, sharing - then mastering over time. Together with the amazing peeps over at Xero, we’re going to be evolving this series into Africa’s finest podcast interviewing the smartest individuals we can find.

Our first podcast is with Don Packett, who has graced the Heavy Chef stage many times over the past few years. It's not every day, you find a CEO who incorporates laughter in his lessons and Don Packett is exactly that.

A few months ago, Don Packett spoke about Presenting in Jozi and Cape Town. I was lucky enough to catch his Masterclass at the Workshop 17 in Cape Town, that followed with our amazing Content Wizard, Ms Ondela Mlandu’s interview with him. If you missed any of the Masterclass, you can listen to this podcast. Let’s say that again- PODCAST! (Sorry, we get excited about such things).

Don Packett is the CEO of Missing Link, South Africa's largest presentation training company, and one of the best-known presentation companies in the world.

Missing Link works with CEOs and leaders at the highest level of the corporate world. Don is a consultant, comedian, actor, voice artist and strategist.


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