How Email Marketing Can Lead To Critical Sales That Will Kickstart Your Startup

Jason Bagley is the CEO of Firing Squad, the only hyper-specialist email marketing and lead generation consultancy in South Africa. Heavy Chef invited Jason to unpack some of the secret tips, quick hacks and email formats that it took to become the world heavyweight champion of email marketing.

Jason is a true Heavy Chef, having worked on email strategies for companies such as Discovery, The Foschini Group, and various blue chip international firms.

Whether you're a startup trying to grow a database or a massive organisation struggling to come to grips with the spaghetti, this interview will equip you with bite-size chunks and juicy tidbits to get ahead of the rest in the email marketing space.

In this Interview, Jason addresses hot topics such as Cold Mailing and how to guarantee that your follow up emails win you that very important “one-on-one meeting” with potential clients.

If you’re still wondering why your mailers end up in spam, then let Jason guide you on how to purify your communication and bypass filters directly into your client’s inbox.

And finally, if the ongoing slog of newsletter marketing is daunting, then sink your teeth into Jason’s useful tips on how to stay relevant and ensure that your valued subscribers stay subscribed for life.

All of this info packed into a quick 18-minute video of Pure Email Marketing Bliss! So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a coffee, plug your earphones in, make yourself comfy and take a page out of Jason Bagley’s recipe book.

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