Email Marketing With Jason Bagley: Use Cold Email And Newsletters To Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your business - cold email, newsletters, and email marketing are one of the easiest ways to start. In this HC interview, Jason unpacks what it takes to land more sales meetings using outbound lead generation using cold emails, where to build a list of people to email and how to stay away from spam filters.

Jason Bagley is the CEO of Firing Squad, the only hyper-specialist email marketing, and lead generation consultancy in South Africa.

Jason is a real Heavy Chef, having worked on email strategies for companies such as Discovery, The Foschini Group, and various blue-chip international firms.

Whether you’re a startup trying to grow a database or a large organization, this interview equips you with bite-size chunks and juicy tidbits to get ahead of the rest in the email marketing space.

Jason addresses cold mailing and how to guarantee that the follow-up emails win you that crucial “one-on-one meeting” with potential clients.

Purify your communication and bypass spam filters directly into your client’s inbox.

Jason’s useful tips help you to stay relevant and ensure that your valued subscribers stay subscribed for life with a quick 18-minute video of Pure Email Marketing.