Bolt For Business - Solving South Africa's Transport and Employment Issues.

We lock down the Bolt country manager in the Heavy Chef hot-seat to talk about Bolt for Business, an inventive platform that offers a convenient and cost-efficient solution to business travel.

In this interview, we hear from Gareth Taylor on Why Bolt sees an opportunity for their 'Bolt for Business' model to succeed in South Africa?

Bolt launched in South Africa three years ago as “Taxify” and has since changed its name to Bolt, depicting a belief in the future of transportation being electric. Bolt hold a clear vision of providing Fast, Convenient and Affordable Transportation as a Service and has grown tremendously over the past 6 years.  They are currently servicing over 30 countries and have had an exceptional response in South Africa.

You may be asking, Why does Bolt see an opportunity for this business model to succeed in South Africa,?

Bolt holds a 2 sided Market Place, one of which being the Drivers, and the other being the customers. As a passenger, we all know it to be true, that public transport is unreliable as a rule, and owning a vehicle is damn expensive, bottom line.

As for the Drivers, Bolt helps to answer the unemployment issue in this country, by giving individuals the opportunity at a healthy earning potential with little barriers to overcome.

But that model seems familiar and doesn't really answer the question, does it?

Heres what Bolt are doing different to the rest: Bolt for Business gives companies the ability to offer employee groups, clients and recruits the option to utilize the Bolt service at the company’s expense, and gives account managers the ability to set and customize spending allowances and the number of trips employees can take.

The digitized travel management solution, available on desktop and mobile, saves businesses time and money by storing all the information about their employees’ corporate Bolt trips on a single dashboard. Paying for trips is quick and easy: instead of reimbursing each individual employee, companies can pay Bolt once a month via a bank transfer.

“Bolt for Business is so much more than an efficient expenses management tool - it removes workplace discrimination based on access to vehicle ownership and offers a strategic use of time spent on the road, demonstrating again the positive impact that on-demand transportation services can have on the South African economy,” Gareth Taylor.

Additional functionalities such as adding restrictions to specific times and locations for taking trips, as well as a prepaid payment method, will be added to Bolt for Business later this year.

Let’s put it this way, if you have ever been unemployed with no access to private transport, then you can understand how that impacts your chances of getting a job so Bolt for Business not only makes it easier for Employees to have access to affordable and reliable transport, potentially landing them their ideal job, but also offers a solution to Employers too.

In closing we, at Heavy Chef, think that this Business model will see great success in South Africa and ticks the boxes of addressing major social-economic issues in South Africa with a progressive vision that makes transportation “electric”.

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