Verity Price: How I Became The First Crowdfunder Of A Music Project In South Africa

Verity Price pushed the boundaries of the music industry back in 2005 when she started the first music crowdfunding campaign in SA to raise R300,000 for the release of her album.

Amongst her many other successes, Verity is a well-known South African Singer/Songwriter who was forced to think outside of the box to bring her next album into fruition.

To raise funds for her album, she needed an innovative strategy, unconventional from what the music industry was able to offer, and crowdfunding was still to be considered an avenue that was off the beaten track. Verity saw an opportunity in the crowdfunding platform and used innovation to achieve her goals.

Verity began her campaign by asking people to BUY her album ONLINE, which had not yet been created. What could have been a seemingly hard deal to seal, Verity packaged her album with charity donations and customer incentives that grew her relatively slow-starting campaign to reach thousands of sales worldwide.

Back in 2005, Verity would not have predicted that her experience with crowdfunding would lead her to facilitate large corporate workshops that help solve their environmental impact. Today Verity's workshops equip corporates with strategic tools to innovate their thinking around Single Use Plastics.

“Inconvenience is the Disruption that our future needs”, says Verity Price who believes that our best ideas come from our biggest obstacles in life. "The creative process required to make changes for the survival of this planet stems from disrupting our current patterns and inconveniencing ourselves to innovate new solutions," explains Verity.

Verity Price will be one of our guest speakers at the Heavy Chef Crowdfunding Event happening at Workshop 17, on 01 August 2019.

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