The Healthy Business Podcast #4: Present Yourself With Rich Mulholland

Heavy Chef CEO Fred Roed is the show host for Discovery’s “The Healthy Business Show”, which is recorded at Cliff Central Studios in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa. Each week, Fred chats to some of the most exciting entrepreneurs, business personalities and leaders on the African continent and the world. Fred's aim is to uncover what it takes to create a truly healthy business in the digital economy.

The Healthy Business Show #4: Rich Mulholland Founder Of Missing Link And Seasoned Public Speaker

Why is it important for entrepreneurs to learn to present and communicate well? Rich Mulholland, a seasoned public speaker and entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses, including SA's largest presentation firm, Missing Link, chats to Fred Roed about the must-have skill of building a presentation that works. Rich says you have to “give the audience a reason to care. You’ve got to buy an audience’s attention before you sell them anything – even an idea.” Sharing from his own career and experience with TED Talks, this maestro in public speaking tells all about presentation techniques and tools to get people on your side and to respond to your “call to action”.

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