Why Thulani 'DJ Fosta' Headman Is Building A Bridge Between Music And Business

In this inspiring interview, we get up close and personal with Thulani' DJ Fosta' Headman, the Operations Manager of Bridges For Music, an education facility in the heart of South Africa's oldest township, Langa. This incredible NPO recognizes the abundant creativity of the youth in South Africa, Bridges For Music nurtures musical talent with the necessary business, self-care and technical skills that each artist needs to further their success on international platforms.

Besides the diverse syllabus that Bridges For Music offer their youthful learners, they also host international artists such as Skrillex and Ed Sheeran, at the shiny new campus to share their stories of success with the learners. Heavy Chef was honored to host Thulani at our studio. His inspiring story moved Ondela. Bridges For Music embodies the Heavy Chef vision as a platform for Entrepreneurs which exists to Inspire, Empower, and to Educate.

Bridges For Music is due to open on 01 August 2019 in Langa, Cape Town. You can learn more about them on the Bridges For Music website.

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