The Healthy Business Podcast #6: Stop, Collaborate And Listen With Mike Anderson & Jos Dirkx

Heavy Chef CEO Fred Roed is the show host for Discovery’s “The Healthy Business Show”, which is recorded at Cliff Central Studios in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa. Each week, Fred chats to some of the most exciting entrepreneurs, business personalities and leaders on the African continent and the world. Fred aims to uncover what it takes to create a truly healthy business in the digital economy.

The Healthy Business Podcast #6: Jos Dirkx An International Consultant And Mike Anderson CEO Of National Small Business Chamber

Having the right partners with the right resources can make all the difference to your business. What are some of the secret ingredients to solid business relationships? For this week’s guests, Mike Anderson, CEO of National Small Business Chamber, and Jos Dirkx, an international consultant and entrepreneur, learning to listen is an important skill in partnerships. Fred Roed speaks to these seasoned entrepreneurs about their personal experiences and the main attributes in attracting lasting business partnerships.

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