Power Couple Danielle Withers LeChat And Tim Withers Talk Candidly About Female Empowerment.

This Heavy Chef interview is the first in a series of tough conversations about tough topics anchored by Ondela Mlandu as she talks about what companies can do better to protect the rights of women and mothers in the workplace.

In this exclusive Interview, Ondela chats to Tim Withers, Head Of Digital at 2U and Danielle Withers LeChat, Founder of Calico Ceramics as they share their Individual experiences of the challenges they faced in the workplace when Danielle fell ill with Hyperemesis Gravidarum during her pregnancy.

It's not all doom and gloom, as both were able to channel their experience into new opportunities that ultimately led to the founding of Danielle's business, Calico Ceramics while Tim began advocating for the rights of women in his company.

After a nasty physical battle with Hyperemesis during pregnancy and an emotional struggle with her company, Danielle gave birth to a healthy baby girl and established Calico Ceramics, which has seen great success. Through founding her own business, Danielle was able to nurture her body and her child with the necessary time to heal after her illness. Self-employment, through her company, afforded Danielle the privilege of staying at home to care for her child during the early development stages, while still earning an income doing something that she loves.

Tim was shocked by the injustice that his wife experienced as a woman in the corporate environment, and was appalled to learn what little legal protection is available to women. Since then, he has taken it in his stride to be active in the inclusion and diversity committee, giving a voice to marginalized groups in the workplace. Tim is a loud and proud feminist who believes in creating a platform for everyone to succeed in a fair and equal working environment.

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