From Couch-Surfing To 100 Robben Island Swims: How I Pushed Passed Impossible

I had a conversation with Ryan Stramrood, an inspirational speaker and extreme swimmer who last week became the second person to swim 100 crossings between Robben Island and the mainland. Ryan managed to do his 100th Robben Island swim in a time of two hours 18 minutes.

Stramrood is an ambassador of SASSI (South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) and is deeply passionate about ocean conservation. Ryan is also an advocate for the oceans and has partnered with a company called GRITT, to produce a range of flip flops made out of recycled tyres. The sales profits of the first 100 slip slops sold are being donated to Arafat Gatabazi (a coach who teaches underprivileged kids to swim). Gatabazi is a refugee from the Congo who hitchhiked to SA when he was 17 years old after fleeing his home during a raid. 

I posed the obvious questions about the water being too cold (he was only in his speedo), the sea creatures lurking in the water and exhaustion (let’s be honest, Robben Island is a long way). It wasn’t long before Ryan and I spoke about the power of the mind. Watch our full conversation below:

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