Silicon Valley Wunderkind Niket Desai On Diversity, Scale And Selling His First Startup To Google

Last week, the newly-hatched Heavy Chef Foundation collaborated with Nedgroup Investments to bring one of Silicon Valley's brightest stars to South Africa. Niket Desai started his first company in college and sold it to Google before his 25th birthday.

Desai then spent a few years working on some of Google's most iconic products, Inbox and Google Maps, before flipping across the world to serve as Chief of Staff at India's fastest-growing company, Flipkart. Niket leaned into the challenge of diversity at the company, creating a stellar team to prepare itself to its sale to Walmart - an acquisition that made headline news across the globe. Niket now presides over a $120b fund for the University of California. In this fascinating interview, Heavy Chef CEO chats to Desai about the early days of startup life to the heady period of rapid scaling.

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