Thulani Mguda: From Humble Beginnings To Co-Founding A Fine Dining Restaurant In Gugulethu

Orgasmic Gawulo is a fine-dining restaurant in the heart of Gugulethu, founded by Thulani Mguda and Tumi Mayenge through love, sweat, and tears. Two years ago, they embarked on the journey of their lifetime, with a vision to bring money back into the township, and uplift their community. Orgasmic Gawulo infuses fine-dining with Gugulethu street food to educate the community about food, and food lovers about Gugulethu.

Thulani's story is one of trials and tribulation with a thread of hope and vision running through every word he speaks. In this Heavy Chef interview that he gave with Siyabonga Wilson Mbaba, Thulani takes us along the tough road he walked to get where he is today.

For Thulani, furthering his education was not an option, so his only way to break the cycle of poverty in his family, was to start a business. His vigor to fight for the survival of Orgasmic Gawulo is what makes Thulani a genuine Heavy Chef Champion.

Fine-dining meets Gugulethu street food? HUH?

Watch this interview with Thulani and find out more about what makes Orgasmic Gawulo one of the most exciting restaurants to visit in Cape Town.

If you want to experience the Orgasmic Gawulo in the vibrant community of Gugulethu you can find them close by to the popular Mzoli’s at the following physical address: 107 NY 112, Gugulethu , 7750.

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