How This Brewer Turned His Side Hustle Into A Viable Venture

The story of Ukhamba is rich with history and tradition in the African Culture. Head brewer and co-founder of Ukhamba Beerworx, Lethu Tshabangu talks with Siyabonga Wilson Mbaba about what it takes to start a successful brewing company in South Africa.

Lethu developed a taste for brewing in his early years of exposure to the food and hospitality industry through his parents. However, his passion for brewing beer emerged when Lethu began an exercise that involved describing the different tastes of alcohol in five words. Lethu began taking notice of how to profile and pair different flavors, and now his sophisticated palate is the secret to the smooth drinking craft beer of Ukhamba Beerworx. The story of Lethu’s successes and Ukhamba Beerworx is motivation for anyone to turn their passion into a business.

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