The Three Wise Champs: An Audience with Sizakele Marutlulle, Roxy Davis and Hanli Prinsloo

All magical things come in threes. TKZee, sausage, mash and gravy, and little pigs (depending on who you speak to, of course). Thursday night's edition of #DSYInspireSessions was headlined by three South African powerhouses and you would have had to be in the room to feel the surge of champion-ess emanating from these women.

Heavy Chef takes pride in the way we curate our speakers and enjoy to have an interesting mix per session because we truly believe that it's in our differences that we actually find our similarities. This Inspire Session was no different. Sizakele Marutlulle, Roxy Davis and Hanli Prinsloo, what an honour to have you grace our stage.

A key takeout from the evening, and indeed every session we've had so far, is the importance of doing what you love. It's no secret that doing what you love makes everything feel like not-work. So we encourage you to find out what you love, and take it a step further by sprinkling some sugar on it with a social impact project or two.

"You can do good and do well," confirms Hanli Prinsloo. "The two are not mutually exclusive."

And because the world always needs a little more goodness, you will be rewarded for it.

The sweet spot, though, is when you do what you love really well, and get to inspire others to do the same, something our champion speakers aplenty. And although we’re not certain about 10 000 hours, we're pretty sure there are no shortcuts to success.

"There needs to be a correlation between what you're asking and what you're putting in," says Sizakele Marutlulle. "Be worthy of the top dollar."

All three 'fentrepreneurs' walk the talk in this regard, with vigorous schedules and training programs, and the discipline to match.

"There's no quick way through, you have to persevere through the long haul. And you have to learn to be adaptable" adds Roxy Davis, who sees close similarities between running her business and participating in competitive water sports. And you have to take her word for it, she is a nine-times national surf champion after all.

Sizakele, Hanli and Roxy all agree on the value of delegating and teamwork, citing that without a reliable, passionate team (a lot like ours *wink*), not much is possible.

"The reason you have a team is because you don't have all the answers," says Sizakele. “If you did, you would be able to do everything by yourself.”

"Many of our coaches have gone on to become a force for good in their own communities," adds Hanli.

If we had three wise women on the Heavy Chef stage, then empathy is certainly their Northern Star, the thing that guides them to their destiny.

Empathy for the magical creatures of the sea for Hanli. Empathy for children who never get to feel the joy of playing in the ocean for Roxy. And empathy for the employee she once was, that now guides the kind of employer she is today, for Sizakele.

"Protect what you love." If it gives you the super chills, you should probably go for it.

Until the next one. Stay inspired.