Sound Idea Sessions Partner with Percy Maimela For Guinness World Records Title

Today in Sandton City in Johannesburg, artist Percy Maimela will attempt an official Guinness World Records™ title by creating the world's largest mosaic artwork using only ground coffee beans as a medium.

A partnership with BrainFarm, the event is a lead-up to November’s inaugural Sound Idea Sessions 5-hour masterclass, which will be hosted by international growth hacking marketer and best-selling author, Ryan Holiday, with a 1-hour on-stage conversation with DJ Black Coffee.

“In order to get the #soundideasessions masterclass word out, we’ve had to think big. Do something that's bold and tell a story people can get behind.” says BrainFarm founder Dean Carlson. “Percy Maimela is the perfect fit to partner up with to promote our event, while uplifting his vision through the Sound Idea Sessions masterclass methods.”


Percy Maimela is known as the guy who created art from spilt salt on the floor of a store one day. Although he is no stranger to media coverage, his roots are as humble as they get. A father of a five-year-old boy who comes from Pretoria North, Maimela is aiming to open doors for his artistry and creations, and to build on the exposure he's had previously, this time by jumping into the notion of growth hacker marketing.

“Isn't it time we put aside our political differences, opinions and social media activism - even if only temporarily just for this day - to unite and focus on something positive, fun and meaningful?” adds Dean.

Yes. Yes, we at Heavy Chef certainly think it is. 

So help us help Dean and the team amplify support for Percy to break the record today. We would love for the Heavy Chef community to join the movement and root for Percy's attempt through social media platforms like Twitter, as he works furiously on-site in Sandton City to make the cut off before judging commences. 

Event Information

The Guinness World Records™ adjudicators will be on-site today and will announce the title as successful or not by 3 pm. Kaya FM will broadcast the decision on air and Sound Idea Sessions will also broadcast live throughout the day.

  • Thursday, 12 September between at Sandton City in the Checkers Court Maimela is attempting an official Guinness World Records™ title.

  • The activation starts at 10:00 am and will go on until 2:30 pm tomorrow. If you're in the area, please pop in - the more the merrier to celebrate this huge achievement!

  • Talented artist Percy Maimela will attempt to create the world's largest mosaic (image) using ground coffee beans. 

  • The art installation will depict the face of none other than our favourite musician, Black Coffee. 

  • The art created will be on display at Sandton City from tomorrow until late on Saturday 14 September.

Help us get the hashtag #soundideasessions to trend on Twitter today by tweeting alongside us. For more information and to follow the campaign, visit the platforms below.

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