The Mindblowing Story Of Veldskoen® - A South African Brand Gone Viral

Heavy Chef anchor Caley Africa talks to the three founders of Veldskoen®, a small South African idea that suddenly hit the viral button when celebrities all around the world started wearing them. In the two years since inception, Nick Dreyer, Ross Zondagh and Nic Latouf have been on a magical journey that every entrepreneur dreams of.

This video is essential viewing for any product designers who are looking for inspiration. In this interview, Nick, Ross and Nic unpack the incredible story of how they received investment from Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban, how they're passionate about storytelling, and reveal the opportunity afforded by the mysterious AGOA law, which all African artisans should be taking advantage of.

NOTE: We apologise for the poor sound quality in this edit. We make mistakes sometimes, every now and then. Basically, we’re not perfect. At least not ALL the time.

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