The Inspire Series Present The Business of Influence with Gill Strawberry, Mo Flava, Pearl Shongwe and Craig Rodney

In another instalment of the Inspire Series, Heavy Chef and Discovery SA are proud to bring you the ‘Influencers’ session with Gill Strawberry, Mo Flava, Pearl Shongwe and Craig Rodney in Cape Town on 26 September 2019. The Inspire Series is a lineup of events aimed at connecting entrepreneurs with some of the most empowering technologists, creatives and leaders in the business world. Tickets to this exciting event are now available for sale.

The word ‘Influence’ has acquired a whole new meaning in the digital age. What does it mean to have influence and how do you wield it successfully and responsibly? We’ve invited three key players in the South African media landscape to the Heavy Chef stage to unpack the term and share information that will shape the way you think about influence and convey your message to the masses.

“The only consistent thing in the digital age is change. The fast-paced kind. It’s an exciting challenge and one we hope to raise to through the Inspire Sessions. Getting you the freshest trends and inspiration, served hot by the people who live their passion is what Heavy Chef is all about,” says Heavy Chef CEO Fred Roed.

“It’s a fascinating challenge,” says Roed. “Influence is more important than ever and the world of media, and marketing has become increasingly convoluted. Look at Tesla’s Elon Musk, for example. He wields influence from his phone. A single tweet will send Tesla’s (and Space-X’s) valuation either soaring or plummeting. No one could project that kind of immediate influence in previous generations, from their living room couch. Tesla spends a fraction of the marketing money of its competitors, yet it dominates the lion’s share of public interest. How?”

At Heavy Chef’s event on Thursday 26th September, we aim to unveil the answer to this question. Mo Flava, host of Metro FM's wildly popular Morning Show and himself a man of significant influence, will be sharing his journey and lessons on how to stay relevant and affluent in the industry. He will be joined on the Heavy Chef stage by digital media pioneer Craig Rodney, television presenter and newsreader Pearl Shongwe, and talent manager and influencer marketer Gill Attwood, who will all provide a run-down of 'least you need to know' tactics that you can make use of in your own influencer strategy.

“I can’t wait for this event,” says Attwood. “Getting Mo and Pearl on stage together to share their dark secrets is an incredible opportunity. They are two very influential members of the South African celebrity scene and both have the ability to sway public opinion - more so than politicians or traditional journalists.”

Attwood aims to don her ‘Gill Strawberry’ persona for the stage, and unveil the recipes and techniques behind the scenes that make these public figures so powerful.

The ‘Influencers’ Session will be held at the Workshop17 venue at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Seats are limited and attendees can reserve a spot by purchasing tickets at or