New Event: Albie Sachs, Lwando Xaso And Robbie Brozin Focus On Leadership And Unification

Heavy Chef and Discovery Insure are excited to bring you The Unifiers, an audience with Albie Sachs, Lwando Xaso and Robbie Brozin, in the sixth instalment of the Inspire Sessions. Three generations of leadership will be on the Heavy Chef stage at the historic Constitution Hill in Johannesburg on 29 October 2019 to discuss business leadership in South Africa.

Leadership in business has evolved greatly over the last few decades. Where once the main concern was the bottom line, business leaders today find themselves navigating a variety of focuses, from the socioeconomic to the environmental.

In October, three of our most brilliant minds will take to the Heavy Chef stage to discuss what leadership in business should look like within the South African context, how business can impact positive change in this country, and what each of us can do within our own organisations to guide this change.

Legendary judge and anti-apartheid activist Albie Sachs is a leader in every sense. A well-respected face of the South African opposition while in exile during apartheid, Sachs was appointed to the Constitutional Committee in the new South Africa, playing a big role in drafting a charter for a new non-racial state. Heavy Chef is honoured to have him on the stage.

Joining Sachs is one of the brightest young legal minds in South Africa, Lwando Xaso. An acclaimed lawyer passionate about sharing the history of the Constitution, Lwando frequently writes about leadership from a young, black and female perspective. Xaso deems our Constitution to be one of our most precious exports to the world and she draws critical leadership lessons that we can all apply to our own businesses.

Very few brands capture the spirit of South Africa quite like Nando’s. From their adverts to the social impact projects they choose to support locally, Nando’s is a brand with its feet firmly planted on South African soil. Robbie Brozin has led Nando’s, which he co-founded, with a positive purpose since the start, birthing one of the most successful businesses to come out of Africa as a result. He wraps up the powerful lineup of speakers Heavy Chef has dubbed The Unifiers.

“It’s an honour, really, that we are able to have these three on stage, at the iconic Constitutional Hill. Nando’s is part of SA pop culture, a business that resonates across cultural backgrounds, and backs up its heavy chef title by supporting local enterprise in ways that impact communities positively across the country,” says Heavy Chef CEO Fred Roed, “We’re looking forward to picking Robbie’s mind on what it takes to lead such a dynamic, influential business.”

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