Future Fit Event Report

Heavy Chef kicked off the year with an awesome event on Tuesday night in Johannesburg! The stage was graced with the presence of our highly respected speakers, Bronwyn Williams, Ian Russell, Dion Chang and Mike Perk, who was the MC for the night. The topic? Future Fit.

Mike Perk sparked the conversation by reminding us that we’re living in a changing world and that unless you continually strive to better yourself and learn more, you will be left in the past. He alluded that the world is changing through digital and that unless you’re fit for the change, you can’t join the marathon.


Trend Translator and Future Finance Specialist, Bronwyn Williams then took over the mic to speak about Big Data and how it’s changing our world and way of life. She mentioned that the story of the future is the story of ethics. How far are companies and big brother brands willing to go to obtain and leverage information and data about you? Quite far if you ask me. Digital dictatorships are around the corner for some nations. Imagine living in a world with zero privacy. Some of you are already living in it, ubiquitous technology and ‘Superapps’ have become more advanced than you think. With great data comes great responsibility. Brands have gotten to the point of social responsibility, blurring the lines of authority.


Founder of Disrupting Consultancy, Ian Russell then took us on a path of relevance. The Past is a foreign country was the title of his speech. Ian spoke about the difference between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants. Most of us are Digital Immigrants trying to be Digital Natives. This goes for companies too. Digital Immigrant companies are struggling with the search for relevance to their consumer. What keeps you relevant? A question he believes we should all ask ourselves. Being arrogant and failing to listen to your customers needs and wants will be the reason behind your downfall as a brand. You need to understand consciously what you need to do to stay relevant. The journey of relevance is a big personal journey. So live in the moment at times or you might not enjoy it, he said. 


Dion Chang, one of South Africa’s most respected trend analysts was the last of the Future Fit speakers and he spoke about understanding innovation. If you thought you might not witness the age of self automated flying passenger carriers, think again. The technology is here and to be a part of these disruptive businesses, you will require a hybrid set of skills. We are shifting from a digital age to a networking age, and this introduces ethics of new leadership. Innovation should be encouraged within organisations.


The event was mind opening and only got us thinking more of being fit for the future. Coming up next is the Future Fit masterclass and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss it too. Shaping the future starts with shaping yourself.


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