Caley Africa, Biography

Heavy Chef 'Raw' Anchor. MC. Host. Entrepreneur. 

In both cases, her language capability (ndiyathetha isiXhosa) shocked the judges and the PR machine exploded. How is it possible for a normal looking white girl to speak isiXhosa so with such a rural accent? 

This paradox provides for daily entertainment in RSA. It also offers the opportunity to drive significant positive change. Currently, she is tackling both facets through 2 separate projects: as CEO at and as the prime anchor on the Heavy Chef 'Raw' show.

Artisans in Africa is a digital platform dedicated to integrating African bead artists into global commercial circuits. In late 2016, AIA made it to the National Top 5 of the International The Venture competition, and she was the sole female social entrepreneur to progress this far.

The Heavy Chef Raw playlist celebrates prominent people that do across the African continent via short, punchy interviews where Caley immerses herself in the world of the people she's interviewing.

Born and raised in a rural Xhosa village during the heat of Apartheid, Caley is intimately familiar with a side of South Africa oblivious to many city dwelling Caucasians. Her early years consisted of conversing in Xhosa (her first language), school at the mission station up the road and playing with her friends (abahlobo bam) in the “lallies” - rural areas. 

Caley's unconventional childhood gifted her with perspective and empathy - the keys to a curious and open mind. She possesses a Business Science degree from UCT, where she attained Golden Key status and graduated top of her Honours class (2012). After working for 2 years as a strategist and researcher at key advertising agencies, she launched her yoga centric Brand and e-commerce store. The entrepreneurial bug had bitten her and it was to stay. In 2013, she made it to the National Top 3 of the soccer World Cup presenter search. This show required running commentary, in Xhosa, over a live soccer match. In 2015, she made it to the National Top 10 of the Presenter Search on 3 competition.


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