Founded in 2016, Heavy Chef aims to inspire a community to rise up and take action, one doer at a time.

The concept of Heavy Chef began way back in 2005, after a conversation with a client went pear-shaped. Heavy Chef Founder, Fred Roed, was then the CEO of digital marketing agency WWC. Fred was pitching hard for the Ferrari account in South Africa, and the Ferrari brand manager was having none of it. After noticing that WWC was not using any of its own tools, the Ferrari brand manager said: "I never trust a skinny chef!" *

Fred had not heard the term before, and so he left the meeting confused and humbled. Fred and Mike Perk (co-founder of WWC and Heavy Chef) started using the term 'Heavy Chef' in discussions with the studio team, in meetings, and in project briefs. The term stuck. The WWC team registered the domain, started a blog, a simple email list and by 2007 we invited our first speaker (musician and crowdsourcerer Verity) to present to a handful of people at Mike's flat in Sea Point, Cape Town.  

From that inauspicious beginning, the events have grown to amongst the most popular tech-focused events on African soil. At the end of 2016, Fred took the leap and registered Heavy Chef as a separate, independent company - an entrepreneurial startup all of its own. 

Moving forward

Heavy Chef is a platform for people that DO. Our events, workshops and tours focus on Technology, Leadership and Creativity. We feature some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs and personalities in the world, then deliver that content via the HC Magazine and Shows. 

We believe the key to the future lies in our own hands, not in the hands of our leaders. In the words of someone smart that walked before us (a true Heavy Chef), we must be the change we want to see. We aim to inspire people to start things - social ventures, businesses that do good, kickass products, action groups, spin-offs of existing businesses, intrepreneurial initiatives and side projects, something, anything! - and then empower them with the tools to do it. 

We want to be the biggest platform for DOers on the planet. We want people to think of us when they think of action, doing great stuff, starting something kickass, rolling up sleeves, getting stuck in, breaking out of comfort zones and making dents in universes. 

What about that Ferrari account? 

Oh yes! - Fred and Mike did go back and show the Ferrari brand manager the Heavy Chef concept at work. WWC picked up the Ferrari account in South Africa and worked with the brand for 5 years, between 2005 and 2009. Who knew? The Heavy Chef principle at work, did actually work. 

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* Heavy Chef has NOTHING to do with cooking. We love food, but we leave the kitchen to the real chefs.