Internships with meaning.

Heavy Chef offers a remarkable international internship experience working in the Heavy Chef training the top startups and emerging businesses in South Africa. After over 10 years of building an entrepreneurial network, Heavy Chef has the most extensive community of companies who are solving real problems in Africa. 

Some of the cool companies that we feature in our network: 



If you’re keen to work at Heavy Chef and get involved with training African entrepreneurs, helping us host the world’s best events and running the world’s best Masterclasses, then fill out the form below.

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So, I've applied. What's next?  

  1. You will send us your CV along with a motivational letter and your ideal starting date. Then we will have a skype interview to clarify your expectations.

  2. Your personalised matching process begins: we will match you with a position at Heavy Chef that suits your skills.

  3. Then you will be in touch with Heavy Chef via a closed group chat to help you with your questions before arrival.

  4. We will meet you at the airport and welcome you into the Heavy Chef Community.

Please note that Heavy Chef internships are 100% voluntary. We cannot pay international interns for their involvement with Heavy Chef. We can guide you with accommodation and transport tips, but we are not a travel agent and do not provide professional travel services.

More questions? Jeepers, you're a curious one. Okay - email us here and will answer all the important stuff, like where you're going to stay, activities, weather and daily life queries.