Ondela Mlandu, Biography

Heavy Chef Content Manager, presenter, writer, radio host

The newest addition to our growing team is myself, Ondela Mlandu. A few years ago, I came across the question: “How will they know the beauty of Africa, if all they see are Western tales?” This triggered my love for storytelling.

I’m an Eastern Cape-born and raised conscientious individual with a keen interest in the written word, its creation and its dissemination, which is why the role as Heavy Chef's Content Manager is only fitting. A stickler for detail, I come from a media background, having written for a few South African print publications. I take pleasure in the exploration of diverse lifestyles, cultures and settings; this is an interest I have so far been able to feed through travel, writing and the consumption of literature.

I’m driven by a love for this continent and the desire to celebrate and share African stories. I believe in crafting compelling narratives, which is why I am passionate about making an impact as an agent of change for the African continent. My love for creating and telling the African story has seen me travel the continent in order to give readers the full perspective.

Above all, I strongly have faith in the young entrepreneurs and women who are committed to social entrepreneurship, by contributing to the economic and social growth of South Africa. Through the content created by Heavy Chef, I hope we inspire do-ers who will stimulate the economic growth of this country, in a way that creates value for the South African society at large.

As a firm believer in connectedness of people and communities, I live on the saying “I am because we are”. By joining the Heavy Chef team, I hope to assist with creating informative, educational and entertaining content for our Heavy Chef community for many years to come.

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