Heavy Chef Event Videos

Since 2007, we've been hosting disrupters, iconoclasts, creatives, visionaries, leaders, politicians, hooligans, billionaires, hundred-millionaires, lowly millionaires, cocky startuppers, influencers and innovators. Check out some of the events listed below. We think you'll be inspired.

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A brand new year of technologists, leaders and creatives (that’s TLC for short). You’re gonna need some TLC when you realise how alarmingly close we are to be fused with AI, overtaken by robots and sideswiped by self-driving cars. It’s an exciting time to be alive folks. This year we’re focusing on hearts and minds: future-fitness, technical how-to’s, nutrition, resilience, systems, best practices, innovation, peaks in to the future, investment-readiness, administration, cloud-software, mobility, transformation - aaaaand, all the ‘techs’: fintech, healthtech, edutech, agritech and nanotech.


2018 is the African year of the Aardvark. This means that African companies and entrepreneurs are going to be first in the world, like the word 'aardvark' in the alphabet. Actually, we just made that up. Nonetheless, our events and workshops this year are going to be amazing - featuring local and international superstars in the tech, leadership and creative spaces. Watch this space for updates of videos of the amazing personalities we're hosting on our platform. 



FinTech. Leadership. Creativity. If you thought 2016 was head-busting, wait'll you take a gander at these smart kids. Your friends will be scratching their heads at how clever you've become. Shh. We won't tell them your dirtly lil secret. 


Damn, but 2016 was a heavy year. And not in a good way. There's no people more irritating than those insensitive creepy 'nice' people that say things like "Well, 2016 was actually a really enjoyable year for me!" Screw those people, and watch this selection of choice presentations from the year that David Bowie, George Michael, Prince, Professor Snape and Princess Leia died. 


A bustling year for events. We were taught how to present; what it takes to write a best-selling first novel; how gamification will change your business; a look at the process of building an application that beat Facebook on the app charts; why you should never film yourself having sex; the three 'C's of Influencer Marketing - and a close look at the state of Africa's digital economy. Phew! How smart will you be after watching all these videos? 


The year of 'unradio', where we saw Africa's most controversial deejay, Gareth Cliff, talk to our audience about why he left his cushy job to start a pirate online radio station. 2014 was also the year we saw a debate rage between traditional and digital, and whether Africa still needed the good old stuff. 


Andrew Smith, CEO and Co-founder of Yuppiechef (Africa's largest online cooking store) told us about their journey to winning five 'best e-commerce site' awards in a row. 



Remember Mxit? One of the most successful African tech startups was acquired by a bold young entrepreneur in 2012. Alan Knott-Craig Jr shared his sweeping (ultimately doomed) vision for the future in a seminal session in Johannesburg. We also looked at the rise of 'm-commerce' and the speed at which business was changing. 


Serial entrepreneur Nic Haralambous unpacked how his team at Motribe built a community of over 1 million users within a year. Rich Mulholland kicked off the year with the third of his record six Heavy Chef talks with 'anti-social networking', and Nikki Cockcroft shared her views on the new media ecosystem. Rob Stokes, founder of one of the southern hemisphere's biggest digital agencies, spoke about 'the agency of the future', and Alistair King spoke from his perspective running KingJames, South Africa's biggest private advertising group. 


Rich Mulholland, founder of Africa's largest presentation company, and Seth Rotherham, editor of 2oceansvibe (it's not a blog!) asked the question: "Is blogging dead?" Rich also spoke in Joburg about the new craze of Augmented Reality sweeping the globe. Uber-investor Justin Stanford spoke about hacking and security, and Tim Shier spoke on ORM. 


Rob Stokes, founder of Quirk, explained the basics of digital marketing. Rui Esteves, founder of Vida e Caffe and Brewers & Union, gave a seminal talk on building a brand. Fiona Phillips, CEO of CyberCellar, spoke on building an international e-commerce store. And the original South African dragon, Mr Vinny Lingham, gave us a 'behind-the-scenes' glimpse into raising funds in the Silicon Valley scene.