Earn Your Entrepreneur Stripes:

CAPE TOWN Professional Experience PLACEMENTS

For professionals, graduates and students wanting to work in Cape Town.
Cape Town, South Africa: 13 January 2018  - 17 March 2018. 

Heavy Chef taps into its considerable network of social entrepreneur ventures, offering a Professional Experience Programme for professionals and business students in order to enhance their CVs, broaden their network and “roll up their sleeves”. At the same time, successful applicants will be contributing to a social-entrepreneurship venture in Africa. Apply for our next programme here.


  • An internationally credible boost to your CV.
  • Work experience at a socially-conscious venture in Africa. 
  • An online short-course at an internationally-renowned university, through the award-winning Getsmarter platform. 
  • Leadership, entrepreneurship and managerial skill-focus. 
  • Personal Growth
  • Life-long connections
  • An adventure of a lifetime. 

The 4 pillars: 

  • WORK: 8-week work placement at a Cape Town-based social startup.
  • CONNECT: Network with great people at our world famous business events featuring local and international entrepreneurs.
  • PLAY: Trendy, safe accommodation, lifestyle and tours.
  • LEARN: A choice of an online course of an internationally-acclaimed university (MIT, Cambridge, Oxford) 


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A word from the CEO:

A short interview with Fred Roed, Founder of Heavy Chef, the South African entrepreneur community that began in 2007. Roed is a previous winner of "Best Contribution To Digital Industry In South Africa" Bookmark Award, former Chair of Agencies at IAB South Africa, CEO and co-founder of digital transformation agency WWC and one of Fast Company's 'Top 100 Most Creative People In Business'. 

Our team has over 10 years experience in placing graduates, professionals and interns from all over the world. We look forward to chatting with you.  

An adventure of a lifetime.

Work, learn, play and connect. Heavy Chef believes that the best experience is when you push through the fear and you 'do'. By participating in the heartwarming, soul-inspiring companies that exist within the HC Community you will be exposed to a new level of experience. It'll not only expand your resume, but it'll expand your consciousness. 

The HC Programme Team:

  Zsofia Ivony , Heavy Chef COO.

Zsofia Ivony, Heavy Chef COO.

  Brad Richardson , Activities Operator.

Brad Richardson, Activities Operator.

  Fred Roed,  Heavy Chef CEO. 

Fred Roed, Heavy Chef CEO. 

"The best way to become an entrepreneur?
Just, start!" 

Contact Heavy Chef's COO and Programme Director, Zsofia Ivony, directly at +27725321111 during South Africa office hours or email zsofia@heavychef.com