With Caley van der Kolk.
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Motive. the new Heavy Chef video show, is hosted by one of South Africa's most promising talents - presenter, researcher and entrepreneur Caley van der Kolk. 

Caley interviews the world's impactive technologists, leaders and creatives that are making a dent in our universe. From financial disrupters to rural bead artists, we uncover what makes these extraordinary individuals tick, how they are achieving their success and where the opportunities lie for the future. In this show, we aim to find out "Why?" - why are they in business? why does the business exist? why do they get up in the morning? why should anyone care? 


Previous Episodes.
Caley interviews some of Africa's greatest technologists, leaders and creatives. 

Episode Three.
How Simple Payment Tools Are Changing Lives In Africa

One of Africa's most exciting startups is Point of Sale Payments business Yoco. Founded by four friends, Yoco aims to empower millions of small to medium businesses across the African continent. The inspiring CEO and co-founder, Katlego Maphai, talks to Heavy Chef Show host Caley van der Kolk about his journey as an entrepreneur.

Episode Two.
What The Hell Is Blockchain Anyway?

Simon Dingle is an all-rounder. One of those annoying, super smart people that gets bored easily, and thus is pretty much good at everything he gets involved in. Simon has started numerous businesses, and been involved in many others in an accelerator capacity. He also happens to know a whole bunch about FinTech. Heavy Chef Show anchor Caley van der Kolk asks the question that's on everyone's minds - but that most of us are too scared to ask: "What the hell is Blockchain, anyway?"

Episode One.
The Power Of A Passion Project

Caley interviews Craig Rodney, co-founder of one of the Southern Hemisphere's most successful social media agencies and owner of the @southafrica Instagram account. On this episode, Craig talks about the power of a passion project. 

Who is Caley van der Kolk? 

Caley is a child of Africa. Born in an African village, on the East Coast of South Africa, Caley studied Business Science at UCT, speaks four languages and is the CEO of her own e-commerce start up. Caley was a Top 10 finalist on the Top Billing Presenter Search, and was top 5 on Chivas Regal's 'The Venture' for work in social entrepreneurship. On the Heavy Chef Show, Caley interviews technologists, leaders and creatives from around the world.