Heavy Chef Team

This is the merry band of hooligans responsible for making the magic happen. If you want to get involved, you can either apply for a jobsubscribe to our newsletter, follow us on socials, or apply to be a speaker.

Caley van der Kolk   :  Anchor. MC. Closet wildling.

Caley van der Kolk: Anchor. MC. Closet wildling.

Fred Roed   :  Founder. CEO. Friendly viking.

Fred Roed: Founder. CEO. Friendly viking.

Siyabonga Mbaba Wilson   :  Programme Director. Connector.

Siyabonga Mbaba Wilson: Programme Director. Connector.

Zsuzsa Kandra : Brand Manager. Smurf leader.

Zsuzsa Kandra: Brand Manager. Smurf leader.

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