The Inspiration Delegation

Since 2007, Heavy Chef has been inviting Heavy Chefs from around the world to interact with our community. In 2017, we launched Heavy Chef Tours - an initiative to take high impact individuals from the Heavy Chef community to visit and interact with entrepreneurs and influencers from the most disruptive companies on the planet. Together with Startup Safari and Startup Grind, Heavy Chef aims to create experiences of a lifetime. 

Our Next Adventure:

9-18 February 2019: San Francisco Entrepreneur Delegation

In February 2019, Heavy Chef and Startup Safari are taking 10 emerging African entrepreneurs to San Francisco. We will be spending 7 days in the centre of the world's most famous startup hub. 


Headed by Fred Roed (CEO, Heavy Chef), the delegation will be leaving for San Francisco in Feb 2018 to attend the Global Annual Conference for Startup Grind, featuring speakers from Silicon Valley’s finest and attended by over 5000 startup founders. 

An immersive 7 day entrepreneurial experience of a lifetime: 

  • 2 day Startup Grind conference.
  • Visits to 4 iconic tech companies.
  • Meetings with influential tech-entrepreneurs.
  • Daily learning workshops.
  • Stimulating activities.
Previous speakers include members of some of the best known startups on the planet. 

Previous speakers include members of some of the best known startups on the planet. 

Want to come along? 

There are two ways you can join the party. The first way is to buy a ticket at the all inclusive price of R120,000 (roughly $9,000). For every ticket bought, we will bring an emerging African entrepreneur along with for the ride (maximum 10 emerging entrepreneurs). The other is to apply as an emerging entrepreneur yourself and, should your application be accepted, we will fund your ticket (between 80%-100% of the full price). Excited? What the hell are you waiting for -

Fill in the damn form already: 

Emerging Entrepreneurs, fill in this one - 

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Feel free to ping us for information. You can email Apoorv, Guillaume or Fred directly. 

The important stuff: 

  • We're leaving Cape Town for San Francisco on the 8th February and returning on the 18th February. 
  • The cost of the trip is R120,000. 
  • Each ticket will pay for your trip in full. Additionally, together with our sponsors, we will fund one emerging African entrepreneur with on the delegation. 
  • Emerging entrepreneurs can apply for their tickets to be fully funded. Fill in the form above, and submit your business bio. 
  • In order for an application to be successful, emerging entrepreneurs must have an existing business and a website up and running. 
  • That includes flights, accommodation, transits, breakfast, tickets to the conference, workshop facilitation and a daily allowance. 
  • The fee does not include dinners, drinks and extras. 
  • The fee does not include Visas. It's important that you apply for Visas well in advance, as those US folks are pretty prickly about lowly Africans visiting their shores these days. 

Past and Upcoming Tours

FinTech Tour To London

FinTech Tour To London

2017 April

FinTech. Think you know about it? The Heavy Chef team decides to find out what all the fuss is about from the smartest FinTech brains on the globe. It just so happens that all these smart mofos are all clustered in a tiny lil neighbourhood in London.  

Startup Conference Tour to SF

Startup Conference Tour to SF


Everything is available right now. Not 'just now' or 'now now', but now. The capital of the world for all things on-demand? San Francisco. The Heavy Chef / Startup Grind / Startup Safari Tour starts at the annual Startup Grind Conference, then spends four days visiting the most iconic companies on the planet.

Creative Tour To New York

Creative Tour To New York


Madison Avenue. Meatpacking District. Harlem. SoHo. These areas house the densest concentration of creative minds in the world. Design Thinking. UX. Media. This tour is designed to challenge everything you thought you knew about media, communications and creativity.