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What the hell is Blockchain anyway?

The way we deal with money is about to be irrevocably changed. At the heart of this change is something called “Blockchain”. 

Now, I bet that you have heard the term somewhere. You may even know a little more than most about cryptocurrency and what all the fuss is about. Hell, you may even have a few Bitcoin stashed away.

I'll bet, however, that you don't know more about this stuff than our next speaker, a dapper gent by the name of Simon Dingle. 

Simon is what we nerds call a polymath. He’s also an autodidact. Simon is a designer, an MC, a consultant and a radio deejay. He’s also South Africa’s most vocal Blockchain dude. It seems, nowadays, that wherever there’s a discussion on Blockchain Simon is stuck slap-bang, right in the middle of it. 

Simon will be demystifying the mysterious topic at Primedia Broadcasting’s offices, on Tuesday 7th March.

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