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Tiffany Markman: Copywriting For Better Business

  • Workshop17 138 West Street Sandton, GP, 2031 South Africa (map)

Tiffany Markman


Tiffany Markman is one of South Africa's best known copywriting authorities. She has been working as a copywriter and a copywriting teacher for over 15 years, and has worked with some of the biggest brands in South Africa. Tiffany Markman’s writing training courses are practical and packed with usable techniques. Tiffany run her courses locally and internationally for corporate clients and mixed groups, in SA, the UK, and New Zealand. Now, Tiffany comes to Heavy Chef to teach our community members the secret ingredients of her trade. She has packed a four hour masterclass with the essentials to make you a better writer and a better business person.  

About the Copywriting For Better Business workshop

This workshop can also be called: How Not To Write Like a Poephol - A Business Writing Masterclass For Non-Writers

It will be packed full of stuff like: 

  • The 5 phrases in your writing that could make you look stupid

  • First things first: basic audience analysis

  • Mastering the art of writing as you speak

  • Saying ‘No’, apologising, and conveying tact and diplomacy

  • Custom tips for websites, social media, and the digital world

  • The secret to writing faster, with more power and better accuracy

Who is this workshop for? 

The Copywriting For Better Business morning masterclass is for entrepreneurs, business owners, ambitious managers and scrappy youngsters who use emojis more than emotion in their writing. 

About Tiffany

Tiffany Markman is not a serial entrepreneur. She’s also not an influencer, a brand ambassador, or anyone famous. She is, however, a grammar nerd. A writer. A trainer. A speaker. And a small business owner who enjoys black coffee and heavy irony as much as she despises misplaced apostrophes and the phrase ‘I’ll revert back.’ She’s helped 300+ brands, including many household names and blue-chip multinationals, to rock their messaging.

Testimonials for Tiffany Markman

“Tiffany is more than a wordsmith. She brings meaning to dull concepts and feeling to flat messages. She rocks! There is no-one like her. And you can quote me on that.” – Grace Harding, CEO, Ocean Basket

“Tiffany’s training is superbly crafted... It is well planned, researched and prepared with excellent facilitation that is concise and clear.” – Robyn Shapiro, Learning & Development Lead, Investec Bank

“What I like most about Tiffany is her engaging, no-nonsense training style and the fact that she can offer real value to writers, no matter what their level of skill. Even the most seasoned writer will be able to identify their bad habits and write crisper, more compelling copy.” – Patricia Drean McClelland, PR Lead, Sage

“The quality of the training is exceptional, consistent and empowering. It builds writer confidence, exposes you to the latest writing techniques and gives valuable insight into your own ability. Tiffany Markman lives up to her reputation as a leading writer and trainer.” – Claire Norman, Internal Communication Manager, Standard Bank

“In our collaboration on training for multi-national corporations, I have found Tiffany to be professional, knowledgeable and highly effective. She has passion about proper language principles.” – Peter Blum, MD, Fox Strategic Communications

"Our trainees always feel that Tiffany Markman’s training programmes are valuable. They enjoy the material and the exercises, which serve as good practice for the course work." – Zuleika Khan, Learning Development Coordinator, Investec Bank

“Not only is Tiffany excellent at what she does, she also loves doing it. And it shows. As such, she never fails to impress and to inspire. One of the best, if not the best.” – Coen Snyman, CEO, Coenraad Snyman International 

 “Tiffany understands the language of communication - a skill set that seems difficult for most to get to grips with. She writes with the flair only a few can master. A confident and accomplished individual.” – Janine Lazarus, Founder & Owner, Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy

“After completing Tiffany’s course, I understand what to do and why. Great content and great examples made it easy to concentrate and follow.” – Paul Hollick, Executive, Syspro

“Tiffany Markman knows exactly what she is talking about. She is an outstanding speaker who understands her audience and interacts well with them. Her presentations are brilliant - real eye-openers.” – Joyce Adams, Managing Owner, AMC International

“Tiffany knows her subject very well and she respects her students…” Lydia Scholtz, Services Manager Stakeholder: Communication Services, Exxaro