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Greg Mills

Leadership For Change

Greg Mills shares his recipe on how we can learn from other continents to attain growth and sustainability

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Greg Mills is the director of the Brenthurst Foundation, established in 2005 by the Oppenheimer family to strengthen African economic performance. A former national director of the South African Institute of International Affairs, he has directed reform projects in more than a dozen African countries, including Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia, Somalia and Mozambique. Greg is the author of multiple best-selling books and his latest, Expensive Poverty, was released in October 2021.


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About This Recipe


With Africa set to have the youngest population and market in the world for the foreseeable future, the time has come for the continent to take centre-stage on the global economic platform. Before we can do this though, we have some serious structural and leadership challenges to overcome. Greg Mills is a respected voice on the subject of African economic development. In 10 thought-provoking bites, he unpacks how we can best address these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities available to us to grow sustainable economies.

What You'll Learn


In this recipe, you will learn how we can best address these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities available to us to grow sustainable economies.


Learn from someone who speaks from a position of real authority, perspective and experience.


Implement practical tips and techniques learned in the trenches - doing, rather than talking.


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