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About Heavy Chef

Heavy Chef is a learning platform for entrepreneurs. We inspire people to start, and empower people to succeed.  

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What's With The Name

Our name comes from the saying ‘never trust a skinny chef’. We believe that entrepreneurs can change the world for the better. We exist to inspire entrepreneurs on their journey, then empower them to succeed. Heavy Chef celebrates people who walk the talk, who practice what they preach, who eat their own food.

How Does It Work? 

Simple. When you're signed in, you browse the 'Library' section and select the recipe that you'd like to learn. Each recipe is made up of ten learning bites. Each bite is a video, a transcript and an audio file. You can watch a whole recipe or you can break it up over several sittings. We'll remind you which recipe you were last on when you sign in to the Library each time. Every week, we load up new recipes with the world's best technologists, leaders and creatives. Best of all: as a member you get access to some of the best entrepreneur events where you can meet the 'chefs' themselves!

The Numbers

  • Over 2000 learning bites created. 
  • Over 200 'chefs' interviewed. 
  • Over 200 recipes created, on technology, leadership and creativity. 
  • Over 100,000 people attended Heavy Chef gatherings. 
  • Over 10m views of Heavy Chef entrepreneurial content and coursework. 
  • Over 40,000 community members. 

What Does Heavy Chef Do? 

Heavy Chef is a combination of content and community. Heavy Chef offers recipes for entrepreneurs. A 'recipe' is sorta like a mini-course on just about any topic relevant to our community members. Each recipe is made up of 10 learning bites consisting of a video focusing on a salient question, three focus points, a transcript and an audio file. Each month Heavy Chef orgnaises community gatherings where our members can meet the 'chefs'. 

Our Core Belief. 

At Heavy Chef, we believe that entrepreneurs can change the world for the better. We aim to inspire entrepreneurs on their journey and then empower them to succeed. We offer recipes on technology, leadership and creativity for our community of 45,000+ entrepreneurs. In a world of talkers, it's the doers that are going to change it.

Entrepreneur TLC, Baby! 

We offer recipes on technology, leadership and creativity for our community of 45,000+ entrepreneurs. In a world of talkers, it's the doers that are going to change it.

Our recipes range from how to book a domain, build a website, launch an e-commerce store, AI, machine learning, app design and robotics. In the 21st Century, every entrepreneur needs to fully embrace technology. 

Many observers have commented on the dearth of strong, empathetic and visionary leaders in the business space. From self-discipline to self-care, our range of recipes continue to inspire and empower. 

In a world that is increasingly noisy, it takes a special kind of innovation to rise above it. Creativity is the currency of the digital age and is becoming increasingly vital to entrepreneurial success. 

About Our 'Chefs' 

A 'Heavy Chef' is someone who can speak with authority about a particular thing because they have real experience doing that thing. A Heavy Chef could be someone world-famous or someone who has been performing notable work in the background. We have hosted 100s of technologists, leaders and creatives on our platform to speak about an ever-expanding curriculum of topics. If you'd like to suggest someone who has an epic entrepreneurial recipe to share, let us know! 

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Who Are The Chefs? 

Previous and upcoming 'Heavy Chefs' on the HC platform include: Professor Cass Sunstein, President Thabo Mbeki, President Olusegun Obasanjo, Nunu Ntshingila, Sir Martin Sorrell, Aisha Pandor, Katlego Maphai, Xolisa Dyeshana, Riaad Moosa, DJ Sbu, YoungstaCPT, Zolani Mahola, Mo Flava, DJ Fresh, Rob Paddock, Sam Paddock, Andrew Smith, Robbie Brozin, Albie Sachs, Maps Maponyane, Siya Kolisi, Michael Jordaan, Adrian Gore, Jonathan Smit, Gary Kirsten, Lwando Xaso, Wendy Ackerman, Bryan Habana, Mzukisi Mbane, Bonang Mahola, Olugbenga GB Agboola and many many more.


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Our History 

Heavy Chef began in 2017. The learning platform was launched to the public in 2021. However, the idea was born out of a digital marketing agency much earlier that that. In a chance meeting in 2005 the saying 'never trust a skinny chef' influenced a team of digital creatives to be more entrepreneurial. The Heavy Chef learning platform was finally launched in February 2021, with just 8 recipes. Heavy Chef has subsequently created 1000s of learning videos for an ever-growing community of passionate entrepreneurs. 

Our Foundation 

Heavy Chef aims to create the largest entrepreneur learning repository, providing a high quality of education to a diverse range of community members. The Heavy Chef Foundation NPO was launched in 2019 to support this mission. Heavy Chef Foundation conducts some of the most authoritative research surveys on the African continent, with the aim of providing entrepreneurs in disconnected regions with high-quality learning resources.   

Heavy Chef Foundation

Fresh Entrepreneur Events

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Events produced in proud collaboration with Xero, Workshop 17 and Payfast.

Heavy Chef Event: The Real Entrepreneur Story

Heavy Chef Event: Mastering Massive Marketplaces

Heavy Chef Event: Mastering Ai

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