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Current Programmes 2024

Idea To Income

Feb-Apr 2023. Learn the basics of starting a side hustle in South Africa.

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Lean Business

Feb-Apr 2023. Learn the basics of optimising and growing a business in South Africa.

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Side Hustles & Startups

May-Sep 2024. Learn the basics of entrepreneurship and growing a business.

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Programmes are free for Heavy Chef members. Not a member? Sign up here

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Terms & Conditions

Please note that successful applications to our programmes are under strict governance policies. 


Entrepreneurs applying must be willing to disclose information about their entity. 

Any false information will automatically result in disqualification from the programme. 

Entrepreneurs must be willing to report on ongoing progress. 


Entrepreneurs must adhere to a strict code of conduct. 

No egregious behaviour will be tolerated.

Any unkind, illegal or abusive behaviour during the programmes will be reviewed and may result in disqualification. 

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