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Lars Veul, CEO of Pargo, shares crucial insights into the intricate world of logistics and e-commerce, in South Africa. Offering a foundation for refining logistics operations and invaluable principles for success.


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About This Recipe


Optimizing logistics operations can be a complicated part of any e-commerce entrepreneur's journey. In this recipe Lars Veul, CEO and Co-Founder of Pargo, delves into the intricate world of logistics and e-commerce, offering invaluable principles for success.

Lars emphasizes the vital role of customer-centricity, leveraging data-driven insights to meet expectations. Key principles include transparency, proactivity, and simplicity, emphasizing clear communication and efficient processes. Additionally, consistent, dependable service and shrewd data utilization for product enhancement are pivotal. Addressing mistakes gracefully and problem-solving stand as vital components for a positive customer experience.

This recipe lays the foundation for refining logistics operations and excelling in the e-commerce domain.

Cover These 10 Steps


  • Step 1: Assess Your Delivery Requirements 

  • Step 2: Add The Right Delivery Options 

  • Step 3:Think About Your Pricing Strategy 

  • Step 4: Create A Great Delivery Experience 

    Step 5: Remain Consistent 

  • Step 6: Simplify The Process For Customers 

  • Step 7: Use Data Insights 

  • Step 8: Focus On Customer Experience 

  • Step 9: Provide Great Customer Support 

  • Step 10: Listen And Iterate 

Is This The Recipe For You?

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Who Is Our Heavy Chef?


Lars, co-founder and director of Pargo, spearheads a tech-driven logistics platform in Africa, enhancing delivery accessibility and affordability through a network of Pargo drop-off and pickup points. Raised in East Africa and residing in South Africa since 2012, his deep connection with the continent fuels his passion for its diverse cultures and opportunities.

Before Pargo, Lars played a pivotal role in establishing e-commerce channels at Groupon in the Netherlands, propelling the business to a $50m valuation. He later led operations and logistics for Groupon in South Africa. Recognized as an Alibaba eFounder fellow and an Endeavor Entrepreneur, Lars holds degrees in Communication Science and Law from the University of Amsterdam.


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