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Become Financially Fit


Lelemba Phiri is the principal and founder of Africa Trust Group, and a woman well versed in what it takes for entrepreneurs to become financially fit.


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About This Recipe


As an entrepreneur and business owner, you can’t not understand the financials. Even if you have a bookkeeper, accountant or even a CFO you are ultimately responsible for the success of the business - and that includes healthy financials. Just like your personal trainer can’t get fit on your behalf, no one else can do the money work in your business on your behalf. But don’t despair: in this recipe, Lelmeba Phiri gives you a sound foundation from which to start your financial mastery journey. The principal of Africa Trust Group is passionate about financial fitness for entrepreneurs and knows how to keep things simple and practical. Among other topics, she sets out the four finance basics every entrepreneur has to understand, explains how to think about and work with debt, and makes it clear that budgeting and tracking expenses are non-negotiables on the road to financial fitness.

Cover These 10 Steps


  • Step 1: Understand Your Financials

  • Step 2: Set Goals And Objectives

  • Step 3: Create A Budget

  • Step 4: Monitor Cash Flow

  • Step 5: Manage Debt 

  • Step 6: Control Expenses

  • Step 7: Increase Revenue

  • Step 8: Manage Inventory

  • Step 9: Invest Wisely

  • Step 10: Seek Professional Advice 

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Who Is Our Heavy Chef?


Lelemba Phiri’s CV is an impressive read: currently a PhD candidate at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, she has a Master’s degree in development finance and is a chartered accountant with a BSc degree in applied accounting. In addition, she has learned about personal and business development from gurus such as Dr John Demartini, Roger Hamilton and Robert Kiyosaki.

Lelemba is the principal at the Africa Trust Group, which invests in women entrepreneurs and their businesses, and the operating partner for the US-based Enygma Ventures Fund that focuses on investing in women entrepreneurs in SADC. She is also a shareholder (and the current board chair) for Zoona Zambia, an African mobile payments business, and a shareholder at Africa Trust Academy, a coaching and consulting company focused on leadership and entrepreneurship development and financial literacy.

Over the course of her career, Lelemba has worked with private, public and government institutions across South Africa, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola and other sub-Saharan countries.

Despite, or maybe because of, her extensive academic education and personal and professional experience and exposure, she has a gift for making complex financial matters simple and practical.


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